Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Senior Executive Talent and Services to Startups, Entrepreneurial Firms, and Small Businesses.

We are the only consulting firm dedicated to this sector that can offer interim and permanent managerial talent across a wide range of executive and functional titles.

Angen was created to solve the main problem of the startup and small business sector — finding proven and seasoned senior executives to either run the business or fill managerial gaps as the enterprise grows.

Our pool of Financial, Marketing, and Technical Managers  typically have 20 to 40 years work experience. We will work with you on a highly flexible basis, determined by your specific needs.

Businesses in the sector tend to be strong in only one of the three areas of finance, marketing, or technology. As a result, they often experience difficult launches, slow growth, or failure due to subpar expertise and performance in their areas of relative weakness.

We offer differentiated solution packages to your firm dependent on its state of development, whether it is pre-revenue, post-revenue, or funded. We also offer a slate of candidates to choose from as you fill the interim or permanent executive ranks of your firm.

When your business is sufficiently developed, we will work with you on a best-efforts basis to provide introductions to and arrange meetings with potential funding sources.