Welcome to Angen Advisors

Angen offers managerial talent and services to startups and small businesses at various stages of development. Our executives are available to work with you on an interim or permanent basis, and we offer considerable flexibility in time commitments.

We can strengthen your operations by providing a wide range of skill sets in financial, marketing, and technical fields, thus filling gaps in your managerial team.

Pre-Revenue Companies: We help to clarify and differentiate your business model from a crowded market. We work with you to develop and implement your business plan, as well as devise strategies for client acquisition.

Post-revenue Companies: We assist in finding executives to fill critical gaps in your management team, and update your business plan. We analyze and review with you various funding options.

Angels and VCs: When your operations are sufficiently developed to attract investment, we will provide introductions to our network on a best-efforts basis.

Funded Companies: We work with you to broaden and strengthen the expertise within your managerial ranks, while at the same time operating within the parameters of those who have provided funding.