Funded Companies

Funded companies have made it past the first major hurdle, but are not yet out of danger.  Most need to build out infrastructure, add executive talent, and broaden the product offering.

Angen works with funded companies to help them enter the second phase of their existence. An important element of this is finding follow-up financing that will enable them to embark on future expansion plans.


Upgrade Targets    

  • Redefine milestones, marketing & financial goals
  • Expand Executive Team
  • Widen geographic presence

Grow Business    

  • Update Business Plan
  • Examine partnering options
  • Initiate strategic planning

Prepare for Additional Funding    

  • Adapt financial policies to current investor base
  • Widen search for Angels
  • Update investor presentation

Diversify Funding Base    

  • Compare investor options
  • Expanded introduction to our investor network
  • Road show presentations