Angel Invesors and Funding Sources

A high portion of startup firms fail because they run out of money before they have sufficiently established a market presence.

Angen helps firms to prepare for investor presentations, using tried-and-true investment banking templates.


Angen has considerable experience in presenting companies to a wide variety of investor groups.

When the presentation book is complete, Angen contacts individual investors, angel groups,  and high-net-worth individuals to inquire about their interest in funding client companies.

A successful funding campaign is as much of an art as a science. It is often a long road from Point A to Point B, since most funding sources invest a considerable amount of time in due diligence before allocating funds to startups.

As a consequence, it is often necessary to create early relationships with angels far in advance of the need for funding. Angen can assist firms in creating these early links, as well as:


  • Business Model enhancement
  • Business Plan refinement
  • Provide interim management capable of making the firm fundable
  • Upgrade investor presentation